Innovations for future generations.

49 North aims for the BREEAM Excellent Label. Working our way down from the top this means the following: the roof is covered with the maximum amount of PV solar panels. Below that, awnings deflect any sunlight surplus from the highly insulated facades to reduce the amount of energy used for cooling. Moving down further, water crates under the garden roof retain rainwater that can be used for all purposes imaginable. Underground, a Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage provides both heating and cooling for the entire building.

Giving people the green light.

At 49 North, we believe in fostering a healthy, active lifestyle. With lush greenery surrounding the building and abundant daylight filling every space, we encourage our tenants to thrive. Here, you can watch your plans and ambitions flourish alongside indoor gardens tailored with your chosen flora. We also added a small gym for all tenants, making it easier to stay fit during work hours.

Naturally conscious.

Walking up to the building we see an array of green landscaping that does justice to the spacious nature of the location. Urban ecologists tuned the trees, lawns, and foliage to the area to enhance biodiversity and create an urban garden. It could be argued that together with the public rooftop parc, these elements are the true façade of 49 North. Integrated birdhouses, bat boxes and beehives make for a buzzing finish.

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