Facts & figures
Grasweg 49, Amsterdam
10,300 m²
32 meters
Developer and owner
Start construction
Q4 2024
Q2 2026
Green public park and private roof terrace
BREEAM Excellent
Food & beverage
Public restaurant
Car / bicycle parking
73 / 196
A word from Breevast & MVSA

A perfect fit for this part of Amsterdam.

The site for 49 North presented us with some unique opportunities. It is surrounded by water on two sides – the wide IJ to the south, and the narrower harbour to the west. The views are therefore wonderful, filled with water, light and cityscape. This called for a transparent building to makes the most of them.
— Henk Brouwer (CEO) & Robert Alberts (CIO), Breevast
Aerial photography by Irvin van Hemert

This building needs an iconic presence.

As 49 North will be visible from afar, it also needs an iconic presence. We took our cue from the neighbouring OMYA building, a closed grey box retaining its industrial function. In contrast, our building, which is of the same size, is open, light and playful. It has lots of glass, a quirky grid, dramatic fins and a rather unexpected colour – copper. In fact, this colour references a maritime material and channels the shipbuilding tradition of the area.— Roberto Meyer, MVSA Architects

A restaurant at an iconic waterside location.

Obviously, the main objectives of any in-house restaurateur is to nourish the tenants and stimulate the 49 North community with interaction and connection. Located on the waterside in this frontier part of town, this restaurant will welcome outside guests and do more. Like the building itself, the restaurant connects the workspaces of 49 North with its professionals and the local community. Overall wellbeing and satisfaction are the goals, catering is the means.

Flexible and future-proof spaces.

49 North offers flexible, future-ready workspaces with 3 meter heigh ceilings, larges windows and an open floor concept on all levels, catering to businesses of all sizes. The interiors on each floor can be custom tailored to the needs of your organization. The design can be adapted to ensure that the space meets te evolving demands of your enterprise. It's an ideal environment for innovation and growth.

Semi-stealth car and bike parking.

Everybody needs transportation, nobody likes to look at endless rows of cars and bikes. 49 North keeps the cars and bicycles out of view, by placing them partly underground, under a lush green roof garden.

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